Twisted Sister Documentary Film, “We Are Twisted F*cking Sister!”, Premiers Nov 22


German filmmaker Andrew Horn’s “We Are Twisted F*cking Sister!”, a film that chronicles Twisted Sister’s infamous club days, premieres this weekend at the world’s biggest documentary festival, International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam. We’ll keep you posted when it makes its way stateside. Check out the official trailer, below.

The film’s producers describe the film as,

Dress like women, talk like men, play like mutherf*ckers!

Some considered Twisted Sister a joke, but others called them the greatest bar band in the world. While the microcosm of Punk/New Wave was being born in Manhattan, Twisted Sister was battling their way to the top of a working class, suburban, cover-band bar scene, that surrounded NYC in a 100 mile radius, yet existed in a parallel universe. Twisted were the Grand Funk of Glam and the NY Dolls of Metal, channeling youthful fury, and a wicked sense of humor, into a sort of blue collar performance art in a vast scene that boasted monster clubs, attracting audiences of up to 2-5000 a night. It was both a great living and a dead end, offering no future outside the suburban enclave. If you think you know them from their hit songs, the MTV videos and massive stadium shows, this is the untold story of how they became that band – full of strange, and often hilarious, twists and turns. It’s about Rock ‘n Roll and the business of Rock ‘n Roll. It’s about perseverance and things blowing up in your face. It’s about finding yourself, finding your audience and doing literally anything, however wild, to connect with them. A mesmerizing, and wickedly funny story of a 10 year odyssey to overnight success.

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