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Congrats to the following winners! Each one scores a copy of former Scorpions drummer Herman “Ze German” Rarebell’s new audio book, My Life As A Scorpion, plus his new solo CD called Take It As It Comes. Our grand prize winner Ernie Ursomarso can also claim a signed cymbal, drumhead and pair of drumsticks. High fives to all!


Ernie Ursomarso
Atco, NJ
WMMR 93.3


Ramona Dahl
Lampasas, TX – KLTD 101.7 The Eagle

Eddie Dawson
St. Augustine, IL – WLSR 92.7 The Laser

Angela Gaffner
Bon Weir, TX – KDKB online

Roosevelt Gonzalez
Chicago, IL – WXRD X-Rock 103.9

Attila Heitler
Bergenfield, NJ – WRCN 103.9

Curtiss Hensley
Kalamazoo, MI – WZUU 92.5 The Zoo

Joseph Irish
West Bath, ME – WKIT 100.3

Ron Jones
Redford, MI – WRIF 101.1

Wendy Kulpa
Burgess, VA – WXMM 100.5

Josh Littell
Rotterdam Junction, NY – WQBK Q-103.9

Tommy C. Norman, Jr.
Titus, AL – WXFX 95.1 The Fox

Rich Pantoja
Billings, MT – KMHK 95.5 The Hawk

Lori Smith
Jefferson, OR – Online

Pamela White
Marysville, WA – KDUX 104.7

Prizes should arrive within 3 weeks of posted winner names.

HOH Skully Thanks to ALL the HOH and Metal Fans who entered the contest!
– Dee and the House of Hair Team!

Our good friend Herman Rarebell (ex-Scorpions drummer) has sent us copies of his kick ass new CD “Take It As It Comes” and his new Audio Book “My Life As a Scorpion”.

Few metal drummers have a name as recognizable as Herman Rarebell. And with good reason. After all, it was Rarebell’s drumming that helped propel the SCORPIONS into one of the 1980s’ most successful rock bands (as well as co-penning the all-time classic “Rock You Like A Hurricane”). And Herman is back once more with his latest album,”Take It As it Comes”, which was recently released via Dark Star Records.

A kick-ass, rockin’ good time, the album is available as a standard version, as well as a limited-edition box set, which comes with two discs and a card autographed by Herman ze German himself.

The new single from “Take It As it Comes” is the appropriately-titled “Let Me Rock You”.

Commented Herman: “I guess most of you guys know me as the former drummer of the SCORPIONS. Together with my friends Rudolf,Matthias, and Klaus, I enjoyed twenty truly awesome years of exhilarating rock and roll. We went through thick and thin, toured the world a couple times, and were awarded over 70 gold and 30 platinum records in addition to a bunch of other awards and prizes.

“It is my pleasure to tell you that my new solo CD, ‘Take It As It Comes’, is now available on Dark Star Records.”

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More on Herman Ze German

Herman Rarebell began his life on the 18th of November 1949 in Saarbrucken, Germany, his zodiac sign being Scorpio. By the age of 12 his passion for drumming was so extreme that he would practice on anything available, including an old sloped chair. His song writing was influenced by the music of Led Zeppelin, a group which he still loves.

After qualifying in drums and piano at the Music School in Saarbrucken, and after he played with Mastermen (1965) and with Fuggs Blues (1968) he moved on to England from 1971 to 1977 where he was hoping to find the next great Heavy Metal Band and there Michael Schenker introduced him to the Scorpions and began his international career as drummer and songwriter for the Scorpions. He was a driving force for the band, leading it with the full sound of his drums and especially during the live appearances, making the band perform the songs in a spectacular way. He was an important composer in the history of the group, writing classic songs like “Another piece of meat”, “Falling in Love” and the second single from Savage Amusement “Passion rules the game” and writing the lyrics for some of the most classic songs of the band like “Rock You Like a Hurricane”, “Make It Real”, “Dynamite”, “Blackout”, “Arizona”, “Bad Boys Running Wild”, “Don’t Stop At the Top”, “Tease Me Please Me” and other songs. In 1982 he released his first solo album Nip In The Bud (which he re-recorded as Herman ze German & Friends with the help of some friends of his as guest such as members of Dokken, Great White, Ratt etc.) It is worth noting that he is and was the only musician of the Scorpions who did his own solo project while still a full member of the band.

In April of 1996 he left the band following their 1993 album Face the Heat and the third Scorpions’ live album Live Bites. His career with the band has seen his name on an international reputation boasting 32 million album sales. Surely with his absence, the consistency of the group was lost and the change in the sound was obvious to all the fans.

Maybe the fatigue from the non stop touring, maybe the disagreements regarding the recordings and musical directions of the upcoming Scorpions album (Pure Instinct) and making the acquaintance with Prince Albert were some of the reasons he decided to leave the group and to get involved with a new challenge, to become a producer and to co-find the record company Monaco Records. He participated in many of the projects as a drummer and he released a second solo album under the label called Stings Like a Scorpion, while he had already released Nip in the bud and Herman Ze German and Friends while he was still with the Scorpions which were produced by Ric Browde. The two albums are essentially the same but the latter has re-recorded vocals and a re-mix courtesy of Michael Wagener. The track “I’ll Say Goodbye” was co-written with Dokken main man Don Dokken. Artists on the album include bassist Juan Croucier of Ratt, vocalists Don Dokken, Jack Russell of Great White, Charlie Huhn of Victory, Steve Marriott and guitarists Chris Storey and David Cooper. His artistic restlessness lead him to a project with his wife Claudia Raab, former 7 Sins saxophonist and well known actress, and released a debut album The Rhythm of Art. Its musical direction was atmospheric dance music with saxophone, drums and electronic music. Herman also performed with some live appearances under the Art Meets Music project with shows which would become a lot more than regular Rock n’ Roll events, also featuring dancers as well as featuring original paintings by Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood and Ronald Muri, founder of the “Pop-Expressionist Movement”. He participated in the Drum Legends project with his friend Pete York (ex Spencer Davis Group) where they released a live CD & DVD with the contribution of Jazz drummer C.Antonini. He also released a great ‘soft’ album with the Monte Carlo Pop Orchestra (Let me take you to the moon) as well as a single with the singer of Unlimited Ray Slijngaard (a remake of the song “The Eye of The Tiger”) showing his need to experiment.


Now Herman comes out with a new audiobook called “My Life As A Scorpion” and a CD called “Take It As It Comes”!

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What do you win?

15 Winners each get:

One (1) signed copy of the new Herman Rarebell CD “Take It As It Comes” and the Audio Book “My Life As A Scorpion”.

AND… 1 Grand Prize Winner from those qualifiers also gets:

a signed cymbal, drumhead and pair of sticks from Herman himself!

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  1. greg zrna says

    drummers are the best.keep a beat with four limbs?i need the prize to hang in my room of rock memories.thanks

  2. conn says

    man this is the contestfor me. im a drummer. i like the music. my cymbols werestolen for scrap metal so at least i will have 1 to hang on the wall. my sticks are in bad shape. 1 of them is broke. man talk about corinsidence. (ever how thats spelled).

  3. eddie dawson says

    thanks for picking me to win the HERMAN RAREBELL new cd &n audio-book cd !!! i received both , but neither was Autographed … Please contact me or send me the Autographed Copy stated on this web-site page { i’ll be happy to send them back so i can Obtain the Autographed CD , that i won } hope tohear from you SOON !!!! EDDIE DAWSON-ST. AUGUSTINE,IL 61474

  4. eddie dawson says

    it is nov 8,2010 and i have still NOT RECEIVED my Prize of the Herman Rarebell AUTOGRAPHED CD , I Won in th House of Hair Contest !!!! Please CONTACT me !!!!!

  5. eddie dawson says

    here it is just before christmas & i still never received my prize of the AUTOGRAPHED HERMAN RAREBELL CD !!!!! NO NRESPONSE FROM HOUSE OF HAIR!!!! Is there ANYONE out there that hadv this problem??? contact me : eddie dawson- rr 1 box 108 -st.augustine,il 61474 [inform me on HOW TO CONTACT someone from HOUSE OF HAIR ]

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    I’m answering Questions on YA, and watching Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, and drinking brisk ice tea!