Dee Signs On As Announcer on Killer Kareoke TV Reality Show

Photo by Jeremy Freeman/truTV. Killer Karaoke Steve-O, host, and a singer, Sharon Wilson, on truTV on Friday night at 9, Eastern and Pacific times; 8, Central time.


Dee Snider has signed on as the announcer (think Don Pardo) for this hot new show that looks like it’s gonna be huge – Killer Kareoke. The NY Times calls it the greatest show in the history of television! (I don’t know about that, but ya gotta check it out!)

But no other phrase will do to describe “Killer Karaoke,” a deranged series arriving Friday on truTV that is simultaneously the highest possible use of the medium and the most profound statement ever made about the human condition. Also, it’s hilarious, in an I’m-ashamed-to-be-laughing-at-this sort of way. New York Times

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