Alice Cooper debuts new shock-rock graphic novel “Uncle Alice Presents”

Uncle Alice Presents is the name of the new shock-rock horror anthology series narrated by none other than Alice Cooper. The comic, graphic novel (and maybe TV) series is set to launch later this year.

A Kickstarter campaign to raise $200,000 to publish all 12 comics has been launched by series creator Tom Sheppard (co-creator of The High Fructose Adventure of the Annoying Orange). It’ll have a 1970’s grindhouse drive-in movie feel, and a sardonic tone somewhere between the tongue-in-cheek Cabin In The Woods and the exploitative hyper-realism of Last House On The Left that will have the freaked-out audience screaming for more sordid tales.

Every financial backer who pledges $10 or more can submit one idea for the chance to have it turned into an issue of Uncle Alice Presents. The story must be tellable in a 24-page comic book, be fun, and fit with the theme of the series. Check out all the details.