Metallica Unveils Three New Pinball Machines

If you love Metallica and pinball, you’re in luck! Players will now be able to bang their heads and their flippers while playing a new Metallica pinball game from Stern featuring 12 classic Metallica tunes including “Master Of Puppets”, “One” and “Fade To Black”.

Said the band in a prepared statement, “After years of playing on Kirk’s [Hammett, guitarist] machines at [the band’s headquarters in San Rafael, California], we jumped at the idea when Stern Pinball came to us with some designs and ideas some time ago. Features will include an electric chair, snake, grave markers and lots of other bells and whistles along with art by our friend Dirty Donny.” The machine will be available in three versions — the Pro Version: $4,995, the Premium Version (road case): $6,995 and the Limited Edition Version: (Master of Puppets) $7,595.

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