Ozzy to go on Summer Tour with Black Sabbath

Ozzy, 64, will be heading out on tour soon with Black Sabbath; the band has just announced four summer shows in North America. A new single, “God Is Dead?”, will be out on April 19; the full album, 13, will be released on June 11. It marks Sabbath’s first album in 35 years to feature bassist Geezer Butler, guitarist Tony Iommi and frontman Ozzy Osbourne; original drummer Bill Ward bowed out of the reunion and Rage Against The Machine drummer Brad Wilk handled the sticks on the album.


  1. Destiny Flerrt says

    I agree with the saying, ” If it ain’t metal it’s crap.” Heavy metal is all I listen to day in and day out. Thanks for putting such amazing music on the radio.

  2. Mark Tuttle says

    I Love H.O.H, it’s awesome, & I’m never disappointed with the Music played. I am a Loyal ROCK-N-ROLL FAN. I hope to see BLACK SABBATH again this year. I actually saw Sabbath a few years ago at Deer Creek Music Center,in Fishers,area ( S.R. 238, & Off Hwy 69. I can’t remember if all the guys were there, or 3 of them. It was the best Concert Ever, That I attended, ( other than seeing-Jimmy Page, & Robert Plant -ZEPPLIN- & The Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra at Market Square Arena, years ago.That was awesome as Hell also. When I saw Sabbath last, I could have stayed there forever,and listened to them play. I Have always Loved BLACK SABBATH, AND ZEPPLIN, & MORE, from the start. :)