Metal News Weekly Recap – June 15, 2013

Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine lashed out at a concert goer during last week’s gig in Manchester, England. Apparently, there were technical and lighting issues and the band had to go offstage while they were addressed. When they returned to the stage, the fan was booing and flipping off Dave and the band for the wait…and Dave lashed out.

“You look like Eminem, you stupid c*nt,” he raged at the man. To the audience, he said, “Listen, you guys pay a lot of money to see us play, and I don’t wanna stand here in the dark. I mean, part of the whole Megadeth show is us smiling and making that connection with you.” Once again addressing the disruptive fan, Dave said, “Get the fuck out of here! Get this guy out of here! You blonde bitch. C’mon up here. I’ve got a big c*** for you to face. [kissing sounds] Here it comes…stick that finger right up your ass, you little f****t.”

Check out the brand-new video for Black Sabbath’s “God Is Dead?”. The tune is the debut single from the just-released 13, the band’s first studio album in 35 years to feature the Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler.

Do the members of Black Sabbath believe in God? When asked by The Guardian, they responded, [bassist Geezer Butler]: “I do when I’m on a plane — the first thing I do is say my prayers.” [Singer Ozzy Osbourne]: “I’ve done a good job of trying to kill myself for 64 years. But something’s kept me alive. I don’t know if it’s God, fate or whatever. I’m open-minded. But I don’t believe in organized religion at all.”

When asked about the various myths about Sabbath throughout the years, Ozzy explained, “We were never really into the occult. It was a hobby, until we started getting invites to black-magic rites in cemeteries. Then I got accused of doing this and biting that and there would be people picketing the arena with banners. But if you listen to the lyrics, there’s nothing that’s pro-black magic or pro-satanic worship. It’s like ‘God Is Dead? — at the end it says: ‘I don’t believe that God is dead,’ but they only hear the words ‘God is dead.'”

When asked about the early years with Ozzy constantly drinking, Geezer said, “You can’t write or play songs if you’re out of your brains. But because [Ozzy] didn’t have to play an instrument, while we were writing he’d be in the bar getting legless or doing all kinds of things.” The latter included relentless pleasure-seeking, leading to blackouts.” Ozzy: “I didn’t believe it when they said I had blackouts. I’d look at my watch and it would say four o’clock. Then I’d look again and it would say 9:30. I’d totally forget where I’d been or what I’d done. But then you don’t think about that before you start drinking. You don’t think, ‘I wonder what jail I’ll wake up in tomorrow?’ Because that’s not your intention.”

Metallica is hard at work stocking up their “Riff Bank” for an upcoming album. Guitarist Kirk Hammett told recently, “We do have a lot of musical ideas…we have something called ‘the Riff Bank,’ and the Riff Bank keeps getting bigger and bigger, still, to this day.

I’m writing stuff, Rob’s [Trujillo] writing stuff, James [Hetfield] is writing stuff, Lars [Ulrich] is writing stuff, continually expanding the Riff Bank. So, it doesn’t look like we’re going to be putting out an album anytime soon this year, it would be an amazing stroke of luck and grace if our album came out next year. I think it’s a more sober statement to make to say that the album will probably come out in 2015. That’s a sober, realistic thing…but we’re psyched about it.”

The second season of FEARnet’s hit original sitcom, Holliston, premiered last week. THe show was created by celebrated genre filmmaker, Adam Green who co-stars with fellow real-life genre filmmaker Joe Lynch (Knights Of Badassdom, Wrong Turn 2), as “Adam” and “Joe,” two aspiring horror filmmakers, dealing with the struggles of life, love, and career aspirations during the post-college period where nothing ever seems to work out like it should.

Also in the mix: heavy metal icons Dee Snider as “Lance Rockett”, the delusional, Van Halen-cover band wannabe rockstar who runs the local cable station where “Adam” and “Joe” work, and Gwar’s Dave Brockie as “Oderus Urungus”, Adam’s twisted closet-dwelling imaginary friend and guardian angel. Check out more on FEARnet’s website.

Tesla’s been busy in the studio recording a new single, “Taste My Pain,” which will be out this summer. No chance we’ll see a new album this year though; while the song will be out digitally, it’ll be 2014 until the band releases its next studio album. goes one-on-one with Dee Snider to talk about season 2 of “Holliston”. Holliston is an American horror television series with humorous elements created by Adam Green, which debuted on April 3, 2012 on FEARnet as their first ever original series. The series stars creator Adam Green as Adam and Joe Lynch as Joe, who are college grads that are chasing their dream to become horror filmmakers, whilst not quite making ends meet working at a local cable access station. Dee Snider appears as “Lance Rockett”, the delusional wannabe rockstar who runs the local cable station where Adam and Joe work.