Metal News Weekly Recap – June 21, 2013

Name That Headbanger

See that guy standing on the left with the mustache? His real name is Robert Alan Deal. He’s 62.

Before his current band, he played guitar for a band called White Horse (pictured) in the ‘70s.

Who is he? Answer is at the bottom of this post.

Ozzy Osbourne’s just happy to be be here! The legendary rocker recently spoke to Reuters about his own (and Black Sabbath’s) longevity.

“The best thing is that we are still f***ing all alive to be in a band,” he said. “I don’t know about the rest of the guys, [but] I certainly had a good go at trying to kill myself with the alcohol and booze for all the years…I kind of missed the ’90s, you know? I must have been in a cocaine haze, because I can’t remember the ’90s at all.”

He added, “We’ve all come out the other side, the other end. It is good to be back sober and clean [even with] a hiccup now and again along the way…I don’t get up and the first thing I say is that I will have a shot of brandy. I don’t do that or smoke cigarettes anymore. We are alive and it is a lot more more fun being sober and enjoying your fellow workers that you are working with.”

On another note, Sharon just let Ozzy back into their Beverly Hills mansion and they are living together again after he cleaned up his act.

Megadeth drummer Shawn Drover says the reason his band’s new studio album, Super Collider, isn’t selling as well as the last is due to Internet piracy.

“We are certainly thrilled to have a #6 record on Billboard in America and #4 in Canada, but sales are way down for the entire music industry right across the board, which is a real drag,” he told “Internet piracy, torrent sites and all that are the reason why.”

Megadeth co-founder/bassist David Ellefson will be releasing his memoir, My Life With Deth, on October 29.

The book will chronicle Ellefson’s descent into addiction during the band’s early years, his eventual recovery and the return to faith which championed the band’s rise to fame over the past several decades.

Aerosmith is gearing up to release a brand-new concert film called Rock For The Rising Sun (due out on July 23). It was recorded in Japan in 2011 not long after the country suffered an earthquake, a monstrous tsunami, and the meltdown of the Fukushima nuclear plant.

Despite warnings about possible radiation exposure, Aerosmith still took the stage. “It was almost like Aerosmith was there helping people heal,” says director Casey Patrick Tebo. See the trailer for the film here.

What makes a car chase scene even more kick-ass? AC/DC. Check out DirecTV’s newest ad with “Shoot To Thrill” providing the kick-ass accompaniment.

Wanna hear the new self-titled Queensryche album (with Todd La Torre at the mic) in its entirety? Here you go!

Congrats to ex-Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach on his ongoing sobriety. Baz pointed out he was “exactly 90 days sober” on his Facebook page last Friday, and credited his fiancée, Minnie Gupta, for saving his life.

Is Whitesnake’s David Coverdale looking to kiss and make up with Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant? Classic Rock magazine is reporting that Coverdale’s looking to apologize for the “ugly things” he said about Plant 20 years ago. They traded jabs in the press back in ‘93 when Coverdale joined up with Led Zep guitar legend Jimmy Page to release an album under the name Coverdale-Page.

Back then, Plant dissed Coverdale as “David Cover-version,” and Coverdale was quoted as saying “There’s certainly no love lost between myself and Robert… I wouldn’t send him cat food if he was starving.” Coverdale says he’s told Page that he’d love to buy Robert a drink and added, “When you [Page] speak to him, offer my sincere regrets for any negative things I’ve ever said, which were mostly defensive.'”

Coverdale continued: “I hold him [Plant] in the highest esteem as a human being, and as an artist, and I really would like to sit down, buy him a drink, shake hands and say: ‘I’m really sorry,’ you know, ‘Can we be friends again?’ [Out of] my love and respect for Jimmy, I know he’ll pass that on to Robert — and Robert might go and tell him to [expletive] himself, who knows, but I don’t hold any animosity, just disappointment in myself that I took the bait and ran with some ugly things. Because it’s not appropriate for somebody I respect so much.”


Twisted Sister frontman and HOH host Dee Snider was the featured keynote speaker at the recent World’s Most Dangerous Meeting in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Dee talked candidly about his life with Twisted Sister, his family, and hard work and perseverance. Check out Dee telling it like it is.

Name That Headbanger answer:
Robert Alan Deal is none other than Motley Crue’s Mick Mars