Metal News Weekly Recap – July 19, 2013

Name That Headbanger!

Nice hair! It’s 1977 and this rocker is a just a young high school freshman in Metuchen, NJ. Who is he? Answer is at the bottom of this newsletter.

The Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal reports that the Minneapolis-based Twisted Sister House Of Hunger food truck has changed its name after it was served with a cease-and-destist letter from the attorney of Twisted Sister guitarist/manager, Jay Jay French.

Food truck owner Cody Allen said of the trademark brouhaha, “I don’t know how somebody can get a 20-foot aluminium box mixed up with an ’80s rock band. We never refer to ourselves solely as Twisted Sister — we’re in the food industry, not the entertainment industry.” However, he’s decided to change the name to House of Hunger rather than face a court battle.

In the past, Jay Jay has spoken out about his defense of the band’s trademark saying, “The fact of the matter is that trademark law doesn’t give me a choice on who and what to defend. The law is very clear: either defend your trademark or lose rights to it. Over the last 35 years, I have defended my trademark against the biggest companies [Six Flags, Urban Decay, Harley-Davidson] as well as dozens of mom and pop companies. The defense is almost always the same. They first claim that they never heard of the band and then they say that no one would confuse the two anyway. I have won every case.”

Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee took to his Facebook page this week to talk about fame.”I’m a celebrity….really?,” he wrote. “I think that means being famous, having pissed on the world’s fire hydrant, leaving your mark for years to come and making a dent in the globe the size of the hole in the ozone? The world’s view of a celeb today is the most f***ed up, watered down bullsh*t I’ve ever seen. I’ve been in this game for many years now and the abundance of lame TV shows really sets a gruesome standard. Stupid shows about finding love on national TV? Partying in Jersey? Trapped on some island? Celebrity REHAB? The B-C crew that weren’t celebs in the first place!!… Celebrity Apprentice? If you are a celeb, why are you looking for an internship?

People wonder, ‘Where the hell did the rock star go?’ The Bowies, Princes, Mick Jaggers, they’re STILL here, people! There’s nobody to blame but our own silly ass! We watch the sh*t like fans at an Indianapolis 500 race where folks only go just to wait for a fiery crash and burn! OK, I admit I do it, too… but for the love of Jesus, I know it’s not right. Do you? Really? And these people who have their few episodes of airtime go on to host parties, sell perfumes, wonder why they’re not bigger than they are? They wonder why their ‘stars’ don’t continue to ‘rise.’ WOW!

Do you guys remember the days of talent? Something God gave you, or YOU crafted it into something special that people wanted to go see again and again! And if you were lucky and you made it, you found a way to showcase what you could do? And get paid? Getting paid for your God-given talent…that rules. I am lucky. “Celeb DJs? OK!…don’t even get me started! How is that some (and I use the word super-loosely) celebrities show up and plug in their iPod or slam their ‘killer mix tape CD’ and pretend to have created or dance behind the turntables to some shit that they have no idea how it was recorded or what machines or people created these yummy beats/songs!!! Celebrity!…The most misused word EVER! Getting beaten up more every day!

Here’s an example for you: CELEB CHEATERS? Yep, they’re out there. We all know that. And so does everybody else. But please…a TV SHOW?? Enter that tattooed Jesse James chick and Tiger’s Ping-fling! Nailed that putt, didn’t he? “Here’s how I see Christmas going down at those girls’ houses: ‘Hey mom ‘n’ dad! I’ve got a job this year! Look, I’ve got a show, with a cool girl I met in L.A. We’re into the same stuff — like f***ing rich guys for the sake of entrapment. It’s great. It comes with a 401K plan. Aren’t you guys proud of me?’ The last thing these homewreckers need is more attention! They are nothing but fame whores and giving them a show is only rewarding them for their disgusting behavior. They should be forgotten! What were their names again? All I’ll remember is that one of them looked like Marilyn Manson.”

Check out the reunited Metal Church. Ronny Munroe is at the mic, Rick Van Zandt and Kurdt Vanderhoof are on guitars, Steve Unger is covering bass, and Jeff Plate is on drums. The new studio album will be called Generation Nothing and is due out later this year.

Ex-TNT frontman Tony Harnell has been selected as the celebrity spokesperson for the American Association Of Clinical Endocrinologists’ 2013 thyroid cancer awareness campaign. “As some of you know, I had thyroid cancer in 2009 and had successful surgery and have been cancer-free since,” says Tony.

“It’s a very curable disease, but it is in the neck area, so as a singer, it was pretty traumatic, but it’s not a death sentence. I didn’t say anything about it to anyone outside my family ’till I was fully recovered vocally and physically, but I’m definitely not the same person as before. I’m so glad to be able to share my story so others can understand the disease better as it’s the fastest-growing type of cancer in America. I’ll be featured in a video news story distributed nationally during thyroid cancer awareness month in September in live newscast interviews, and I’ll also be the featured story in an upcoming issue of EmPower magazine, AACE’s patient-facing publication distributed quarterly to 400,000+ physicians, allied health care professionals and patients/consumers.”

Here’s your first look at Sammy Hagar and Friends, the new studio album from the red rocker and his guest stars including Kid Rock, Heart’s Nancy Wilson, Joe Satriani, Journey’s Neal Schon, ex-Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony and more. . The album is due out on September 24th.

Congrats to Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich on his recent engagement to girlfriend/fashion model Jessica Miller. Get a step stool, Lars.

Name That Headbanger answer:
That’s Jon Bon Jovi…or, as he was known back then, John Bongiovi