Ribfest 2014 Headbanger’s Photo Gallery

Fan Photos From RibFest

Major high fives to HOH listener Darrin Barner, who attended last weekend’s three-day RibFest festival in Sioux Falls, SD, and forwarded some killer photos. On the bill Friday night were Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider, Ratt’s Stephen Pearcy, Cinderella’s Tom Keifer and more.

Darrin was cool enough to forward quite a few killer pics…check ‘em all out below!

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Read Darrin’s Ribfest Concert Review after the photo gallery:

[Photo Credits: Bob Uecker 1st row, Left. 2nd row, Left and Right.]


Here’s Darrin’s Ribfest Concert Review:

A perfect summer night hits the SIOUXLAND area, as the parking lot starts to fill with cars from Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota and of course the wild crowd from the local area of Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Would a hard rain in mid-afternoon keep these fans away from RibFest? No! As the clock ticks toward 5pm, a rock and roll crowd of 20,000 starts to make its way to the first summer event, Ribfest. Pre-game beverages are being sampled with background music provided by Ozzy, Rush, KISS and AC/DC as the crowd gets ready to see Stephen Pearcy, Dee Snider and Tom Keifer.

Walking into the event, the first thing you see are over a dozen massive BBQ vendors who are there to have their BBQ tasted and crowned #1. It is obvious from your first step into this outdoor concert area that you will not go hungry or thirsty during the show.

On a perfect evening after the hard rain, I go backstage with my camera and get ready for the show. First on stage is Stephen Pearcy who goes “Round and Round” with classic RATT songs. His backup band, “The Rat Bastards”, are all enjoying the early evening, and will also be the band to play for Dee Snider.

After Pearcy, Dee is ready to perform. Dee hits the stage with stored energy and takes the crowd to a new level of excitement. In the middle of his show, Dee walks to the front of the stage and has a chat with his fans. Dee then pokes fun at himself and his age, and then looks to the very rear of the crowd, where a few thousand fans were sun tanning, enjoying sitting in folding chairs and being closer to the massive BBQ contest. Dee simply said, “No concert with me on stage is going to allow people to sit in folding chairs!” Shortly after the fans were given permission to rush the stage, Dee gave credits to the fists, crutches, folding chairs and “Devil Horns” being raised to the sky.

Dee surprised the crowd by doing two cover songs, that influenced him to be a rock star. He cranked out an excellent version of “Highway To Hell” and then Led Zeppelin’s “Rock and Roll”, with the entire 20,000+ crowd singing and screaming “lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely………….night” at the end. My coolest moment was sitting on the very side of the stage with Stephen Pearcy and when the song came to a close, he put his arm around me and used a water bottle as a microphone, as we did our best to top the crowd. I must have been good since I was rewarded with a beer from Pearcy to watch Dee finish out his set.

During the last minutes of the set, Dee thanked the crowd and in the middle of his speech, not once, but twice had a pretty powerful burp that got the crowd in comical chuckle. Dee said Sioux Falls has the best BBQ he has ever had, and to make sure to sample the booths and vote. Dee did it all, powerful rock and roll along with comedy and blessings to those who worked hard to have the funds to drive across the Sioux-Land area, to come to the event.

After Dee’s set, Stephen Pearcy was right there to toss Dee a water bottle and a hand shake. As Dee caught his breath, here came Mr. Cinderella, Tom Keifer to take the stage.

I sat on the side of the stage with Stephen, and not long after, Dee came with his management and we went over to the Brennan Rock & Roll Academy booth. Both rock and roll ledgends took the time to autograph a very high-end Indian motorcycle that was part of the event. Brennan Rock & Roll Academy made a very generous donation to the youth of Sioux Falls from this massive event for all ages.

After the signing, we made our way to the side of the stage to enjoy the show by Tom Keifer. Tom had an excellent set and a nice portion of the show was acoustic. Tom did a surprise duet,with his wife as they both sang “Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone)”. Dee, Stephen, Danny (Dee’s manager), and I had a great time on the side of the stage watching the show.

After Tom’s show the three stars had a chat outside the dressing trailers and parted with compliments to each other. After that, Dee wanted to chill and eat some more Sioux Falls BBQ. We had a great talk with Dee asking me what fans and listeners want on the House Of Hair radio show. My personal plug to Dee was to continue the very informative rock news and comedy he puts into the show.

One thing I want everyone to know from my personal experience was that these stars were just excellent gentleman. How many times does anyone get to sing into a plastic water bottle with Stephen Pearcy, and get a beer handed to you by the “Wanted Man”? And Dee was very caring about the HOH show and the wants, needs and desires of the show’s listeners.

And as for Dee’s manager, Danny, all I can say is WOW. Not only do I get an ALL-ACCESS PASS, but a pass that says “Artist”. Anywhere I went, they wanted to make sure this HOH sideline reporter was involved and not hassled. One thing that I thought was very caring was at the autograph session, a women was a bit shy and timid, but made her way to the front of the area just as we were leaving. She handed Dee typed books that had to be 250 pages of 8 x 11 paper. I couldn’t hear the whole conversation, but the women was extremely grateful of Dee’s acceptance. I can promise you this, those books never left Dee’s hands even during Tom’s set, where they sat on a speaker under his elbow.

In closing, this HOH sideline reporter wants to simply say, after chatting in detail with the voice and star of the House of Hair, I can promise you he wants to know all of the listeners’ expectations and takes each fan SERIOUSLY and is willing to have an open ear. As we all age a bit and remember the hair band days of the 80’s, it is great to know that these rock stars in Sioux Falls, SD want us all to stay young and keep the motto “if it’s too loud, your too old” and most importantly “IF IT AIN’T METAL, IT’S CRAP”

Darrin Barner
HOH Concert Sideline Reporter at RibFest
Sioux Falls, SD


  1. Tracy Jipson says

    I was there and it was the first time I had seen Dee and WOW IT WAS AMAZING!!! Great concert!!!