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April 9 - 21, 2007


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Heavy Metal musician and Judas Priest lead vocalist Rob Halford launched his new label Metal God Entertainmentlin ate November 2006; utilizing digital distribution as his exclusive means to distribute current and future music and film product. There is no traditional brick-and-mortar music store housing The Metal God's works at least not yet. Metal God Entertainment also operates a global iTunes label featuring Rob Halford's music and short-film releases for the world's iTunes and iPod communities.

For more than a decade, value-added CD and DVD packaging have spurred sales and achieved very impressive appearances and functions. Finally, the brethren to physical packaging in the digital arena has arrived, and it too offers distributors unlimited premium services for their targeted consumers.

As the game, music, film and television industries adjust their business models from a physical to a digitally managed and digitally distributed environment; visionaries have curiously asked: What does digital packaging consist of? Is it possible to provide exclusive packaging to the consumer and control its digital proliferation?

Rob Halford logo

Consumers purchasing from will find each of Rob Halford's six (6) music releases accompanied with a premium digital package housing music and film for PC purchasers. Mac users receive the premium digital packaging and 192k MP3 files. Due to Apple's iTunes Digital Rights Management restrictions; Mac users must purchase Halford's videos direct from Apple's iTunes Store.

Halford's Digital Entertainment Packages (DEP) have been soundly developed for Apple's Mac OS X systems as well as Microsoft's PC Windows environment. Each Halford premium digital package offers a custom interface which guides users through their new music, videos, wallpaper, lyrics, expanded liner notes and promotional photographs.

Click on Rob Halford discography within the digital package, and a music player appears with 30-second audio clips of Rob Halford's entire solo catalog; as well as, links to purchase or gift a song, release or entire catalog.

Halford's DEPs also include Halford updates via a web link to Rob's official site hosts millions of visitors annually.

Halford debuted his first premium digital packaging in 2004 featuring a rare "live" performance of his band at Anaheim, California's House of Blues, and a retro-styled video game which ignited his web boards for an entire year as his audience strived for highest score.

Commented Halford: "Every organization faces new marketing challenges as the industry embraces digital distribution. and iTunes deliver quality music and film product over the Internet to the consumer. However, many consumer's dread looking at just a web page and order form. They want to be enveloped and allowed to see how a production was created, and they want to be entertained during the process. Someone in my audience is discovering our DEPs everyday; and their reactions are off the charts."

For more info on Halford, visit their official website

And be sure to enter to win one of the 25 t-shirts and a shot at one of 5 Halford Digital Entertainment Packages!

Interview With Rob Halford on the TV show Monsters of Rock



win Halford tshirts and DEPs

Latest Single: Forgotten Generation

Halford CD Single Forgotten Generation


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