Twisted Sister Documentary Film, “We Are Twisted F*cking Sister!”, Premiers Nov 22


German filmmaker Andrew Horn’s "We Are Twisted F*cking Sister!", a film that chronicles Twisted Sister’s infamous club days, premieres this weekend at the world’s biggest documentary festival, International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam. We’ll keep you posted when it makes its way stateside. Check out the official trailer, below. The film's producers describe the ... [read more]

Metal News Recap – Week of November 14, 2014


Multi-platinum, Southern California alternative metal band P.O.D. (Payable On Death) is releasing their very first-ever acoustic album, SoCal Sessions, on November 17. Recorded this summer in P.O.D.’s hometown of San Diego, SoCal Sessions features 12 newly recorded, unplugged versions of the band’s top hits and other standouts, including “Youth of the Nation” and “Alive.” ... [read more]

Enter to Win the new Double CD – THE WHO Hits 50!


This week, we have a House of Hair "Greasy Roots of Metal" Giveaway from THE WHO, who are celebrating 50 years together! That's Five Decades people - they are rock royalty! The new double CD "The Who Hits 50!" contains 42 tracks and is the definitive hits collection of their career. It also includes a new track, "Be Lucky". The band is donating all their royalties ... [read more]

Metal News Recap – Week of November 7, 2014


Soooo…maybe this was the reason AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd didn’t appear in a recent promo photo nor take part in the recording of two recently filmed videos with the band. The 60-year-old was arrested on Wednesday at his home in New Zealand and charged with attempting to procure a murder (wait, WHAT?), as well as possession of meth, cannabis, and threatening to kill. The two ... [read more]

Metal News Recap – Week of October 31, 2014

The Who 1965

There is no more significant milestone in Rock Music than the 50th Anniversary. Alongside The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, THE WHO complete the holy trinity of British Rock bands that have the honor of celebrating that landmark. Through the decades, THE WHO redefined rock music as we know it and their influence continues in all areas of popular culture to this day. WHO ... [read more]

Metal News Recap – Week of October 25, 2014

Dee blackhawks

Our sincerest condolences to Queensrÿche singer Todd La Torre, who lost his father to suicide last week. It was widely reported that William LaTorre, a well-known St. Petersburg, Florida-based chiropractor, took his own life via a gunshot. No note was found, and no foul play was suspected. On his Facebook page, Todd said, "As many of you have become aware, my father is no ... [read more]

Dee Snider Interviewed about his Upcoming Chicago musical

dee interview

Dee Snider was recently interviewed on Chicago’s WCIU-TV about his upcoming musical, Dee Snider’s Rock & Roll Christmas Tale. Check out the interview right here for some behind-the-scenes banter by Dee...perfect to watch/listen to while entering our contest to join Dee at the show next month in Chicago! ... [read more]

Metal News Recap – Week of October 18, 2014

Metal News Recap – Week of October 18, 2014

Last month, Kiss’s Gene Simmons told that “rock is finally dead”. Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry was among Gene’s peers who spoke out after the piece ran, telling, “I think he's right in the sense that this whole era of rock and roll has dwindled down to literally a cottage industry...I think that that era of rock bands playing to sold-out arenas and ... [read more]

Metal News Recap – Week of October 11, 2014


AC/DC’s just released a new song called “Play Ball” from the upcoming album, Rock Or Bust (due out on December 2). Here’s your first look at the cover art, too. Gene Simmons of Kiss recently ate a piece of a hamburger off the floor of LAX. Ew. In his defense, it WAS a piece of his own burger, and it was under the five-second rule. Check him out flaunting his ... [read more]